A Big WOW For This Coffee


Three words have been used by the roasters to describe the main flavours of this spectacular coffee: MELON, STRAWBERRIES and "COMPLEX".

If we were playing a game here where we were asked to say which of these three words is out-of-context within the group, which one would you choose...? Would you perhaps say the word 'complex' (which I would too)? Well, I think we would loose the game.

After trying this coffee you would probably agree to say that there was a noticeable complexity happening in your mouth like a bomb with so many different flavours and reactions exploding in your mouth all at once. It is something very interesting - almost indescribable - that makes it really special, unique and it is one of those that makes you want to order another one to taste it again and again, and again. 

This amazing Ethiopian coffee has been produced by Ms Heleanna who has recovered an unusual-traditional-ancient-forgotten technique in the processing of the coffee by letting the cherries to dry naturally on the plant - rather than the common uses we know nowadays where the cherries are dried anywhere but on the tree itself. 

Surely, for me it has been one of the most exotic coffees I have tested this year, however HELEANNA's SECRET may not make the classic expresso for everyone´s taste. After trying it, you shall also notice that this is a very interesting one, with outstanding and unusual flavours which leaves you with that... WOW, this is something else... there is something diferent, distinctive in here... and can´t quite work work out what it is... what is that..!? 

Well... that´s Heleanna's secret.

HELEANNA's SECRET II. Roasted by Right Side Coffee Roasters for CAFE SOCIAL Mallorca

HELEANNA's SECRET II. Roasted by Right Side Coffee Roasters for CAFE SOCIAL Mallorca