La Florida coffee from Right Side Coffee Roasters

La Florida coffee from Right Side Coffee Roasters

This batch comes from the estate 'La Florida', located in Acevedo region, Colombia. Its owner and producer takes personal care of the management of his estate inherited from his parents along with his wife and six children.

The process of this coffee, cultivated at 1,750 meters of height from sea level, begins with the collection and selection - by hand - of the ripe cherries. The grain is pulped, the outer layers removed, transferred to a fermentation tank for 30 to 36 hours and then dried in a greenhouse for about 20 days - while being careful of the degree of humidity required.

The roasters: The Right Side Coffee Roasters of Barcelona. It is worth mentioning the effort that Joaquin and Lara make to know the product, its origin and producers. Florida is one of the coffee farms with which they maintain a direct point of contact. That is, they travel to the origin, visit the producer and his team at their farm. So, right there, 'in situ', they can understand by first-hand what their great chosen products are and everything else about them, directly from their creators at their place of origin. 

So... what else can we ask for?!

The Right Side Coffee Roasters served at CAFE SOCIAL Mallorca

You can try and buy a bag of this exquisite coffee this Wednesday in the pretty village of DEIA, Mallorca. You will find me there every week from 8am to 1pm at the local market, located in the car park next to the bus stop. 

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