Bespoke French Biscuits

Super-fresh and bespoke biscuits are now being baked by a divine french pastry chef specially for CAFE SOCIAL.

The fun bit is that I tell her the main notes of the coffees of the week (for example this week we are tasting chocolate, cranberries or fruit notes in our coffees) and... voila! There she goes and gets her best special recipes going for us using only components of the best quality with organic ingredients. Worth saying these cookies are made with almond, rice and corn flower as well as gluten free yeast.

OMG these are the best sweet-treat find after all my months of product testing. They are so light that as soon as you taste them they kind of 'evaporate' in your mouth leaving you a sensational feeling of wanting to have them all.

The only thing with this for me is that, because I love them so much, I can´t resist the temptation of having them myself... I'm actually having two as I write! So, if you see one on the stand, please grab it quick before I do 😋